First Communions at Good Shepherd

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Welcome to the Lord’s table!  Dante Axon (left) and Ryan Buehler (right) have completed the RCIC program!  They have made their first Reconciliation December 2, and received their first Holy Communion December 12, 2015 at Good Shepherd.  They are both currently enrolled in Grade 5 classes in Faith Formation.

May every step you take into the future, be a journey with the Lord!  God bless you.




Eucharist, Holy Communion, Faith Formation

Welcoming Through Baptism


Welcome to Good Shepherd…

Dante Raymond James Axon, child of Becky and Chris Hebda.

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“I got baptized because God wanted me to be with him, and I wanted to be with him.  I liked that my family and friends came to it. I feel very excited because I got baptized.  I love God.”





We also welcome to Good Shepherd…

Ryan Stewart Buehler, child of Nicole and Jody Scheller.

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“What it meant for me to be baptized was that all of my sins were taken away because God forgave me. It also feels like I am closer to God after being baptized. One thing that was cool about being baptized was that one of the oils smelled really good!”