Welcome to Good Shepherd Catholic Church

2019 Stewardship Award

Andy Dums!

This year’s parish stewardship award goes to a man who has been a lifelong member of this parish community.  Like a number of our parishioners, this parishioner will drop what is being worked on at home, to come and help, whenever help is needed at the parish or for a friend or neighbor.

This parishioner has served on the parish council in years past, and currently serves on the Buildings & Grounds committee—having been there since its inception.   He is also an usher/greeter.

Although this individual isn’t afraid to tackle any job, most of his work includes special help with fixing our outdoor church bell, and lighting and electrical issues. He is  familiar with our PA system and was instrumental in seeing to its installation. Whenever help is needed with microphones or clip-on mics—whether it be for our Christmas plays, assistance with visiting priests, or parishioners needing to learn to use the ear buds to hear better during Mass, this person is right there.   He was there for our larger projects as well—like work involving our old church windows, our new stained glass windows and the church ceiling. We’ve seen him cutting debris from our ditches, and helping cut down dead trees. And let’s not forget about the snow shoveling on our roofs in the winter—including using his equipment for snow removal from the lot, as well as for removal of brush and other debris during grounds clean ups—at no charge. We have seen him build anything we need out of metal and he also does welding repairs at the church. He has been working on hall doors and entry doors.  You’ll see him on ladders changing out lights both indoors and outside.  When the timers for our outdoor lights need to be adjusted, we call upon him.  He is there to help with fall and spring clean ups.  He is our eyes for the needs of our church and grounds.  He is a friend to many who is always willing to help.

Our thanks and congratulations to Andy Dums, our 2019 Stewardship Award recipient.  He truly is a “Handy Andy” that we are blessed to have among us.  God bless you, Andy!

We are looking to begin a new program that will run this fall through Easter, called JOURNEY OF FAITH. This program is being offered for the following:

Those inquiring about the Catholic faith;

Those wanting to become Catholic;

Those adult Catholics who were never confirmed;

Those adult Catholics who want a refresher;

Those adult Catholics seeking a program that includes faith sharing.

This program would begin in October. We would be looking to meet for 1 to 1-1/2 hours each session, depending upon the amount of discussion that takes place. About two sessions a month would be held. Those seeking to come into the Church and those seeking the Sacrament of Confirmation will be able to do so by attending these sessions.

Sessions begin in October, so sign up NOW. Materials will need to be ordered in advance. You can sign up on the sheet posted on the wall in the church entrance, or by calling the parish office 715-427-5259.

Our Newly Initiated Members of the Catholic Faith

2019 RCIA participants initiated at Easter vigil service
From left to right: Ben Greiner, Carolyn Jones, Ezra Kazee, Kristen Diamond, Tim Filipiak, Marshall Fuchs

Congratulations to our newly initiated members of the Catholic Faith during our Easter Vigil celebration on April 20, 2019:

Timothy Filipiak   (Sponsor:  Hannah Schmidtfranz)

Kristen Diamond  (Sponsor:  Peter Kauer)
Benjamin Greiner   (Sponsor:  Mary Kauer)
Carolyn Jones   (Sponsor:  Rocky Jones)
Ezra Kazee  (Sponsor:  Larry Ulczycki)

Marshall Fuchs  (Sponsor:  Jon Rezutek)

About Good Shepherd

Good Shepherd Church, rectory and office complex is located five miles east of Highway 13, along Highway 102 as you enter into the village of Rib Lake.  Come, and join us for Mass! If you are interested in joining the parish, call or stop in!

Our Mission . . .

The mission of Good Shepherd is to welcome all to spiritual growth through prayer, worship and ongoing formation. Together, formed in the image of Christ, the Good Shepherd, we will tend to the needs of the entire community.

Our parish is blessed to have a retired priest in residence, Father Dennis Meulemans.  Father Den served at Holy Rosary in Medford, and then retired to the Rib Lake area.  Father Den assists with Reconciliations at Christmas and Easter, with special events and even preaches every third week at the parish.  We are so very blessed to have him with us!

A message from Father Den:

The Body of Christ and Seth Thomas

Just after I became pastor for the first time in 1973, I splurged on a grandfather clock—over the years it has provided me reliability, and comfort, like “old slippers”—not just a time piece, but almost a “family member” quality. It keeps really good time and requires hardly any maintenance. (I did use WD 40 once on it.)

Grandfather (and grandmother) clocks have been around since about 1700; most of them use Westminster Chime sound (old Big Ben in London). I’ve seen a lot more ornate clocks than mine; but I’d certainly miss the beautiful sound of my “friend” if it were no longer usable.

But, you say, what does all this have to do with Sunday’s readings? Well, today’s second reading is about the Body of Christ, one of Paul’s most famous texts, immediately before next week’s reading from Chapter 13 of Corinthians—on love—Paul’s best known writing.

Paul says the Body “has many parts.” If I take the time to check out the workings of my grandfather clock—the pendulum, the weights, the chimes, the incredible array of little gears, I can’t help appreciating how everything works together to keep me informed of the time, with the bonus of the beautiful chimes.

I feel that Paul is saying much the same thing: as Body of Christ we’re all important; we belong. We needn’t be envious of one another, or scornful of anyone, or boastful because of our importance. Like my Seth Thomas clock with all its individual parts keeping the clock running and making beautiful music, see yourself as important towards keeping the Church on track, making beautiful music for the enrichment of others.

Finally, recognize that we do belong comfortably to the Body of Christ, that there is a place for you, that we “fit in” with our gifts and talents that together help to make the Body of Christ “tick.”