Welcome to Good Shepherd Catholic Church

Posted on June 3, 2020

Fr. Raj announces a return to the celebration of the Mass at Good Shepherd!

Dear Parishioners,

Finally—we return to the celebration of the Mass in the Diocese of Superior!  In our online meeting with Bishop Powers yesterday, we discussed the required practices for attending Mass at this time, while still keeping people safe and avoiding spread of the virus.  Those practices are given to you in this letter.  Reading it before coming to Mass will be very helpful so you know what to expect and what is expected of each of us.  Masses begin Wednesday, June 3.  Weekday Masses will be as follows:  Tuesdays—6 pm; Wednesdays-Thursdays-Fridays—all at 8 am (Note Thursday Mass time change.)   Continue reading.

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About Good Shepherd

Good Shepherd Church, rectory and office complex is located five miles east of Highway 13, along Highway 102 as you enter into the village of Rib Lake.  Come, and join us for Mass! If you are interested in joining the parish, call or stop in!

Our Mission . . .

The mission of Good Shepherd is to welcome all to spiritual growth through prayer, worship and ongoing formation. Together, formed in the image of Christ, the Good Shepherd, we will tend to the needs of the entire community.

Our parish is blessed to have a retired priest in residence, Father Dennis Meulemans.  Father Den served at Holy Rosary in Medford, and then retired to the Rib Lake area.  Father Den assists with Reconciliations at Christmas and Easter, with special events and even preaches every third week at the parish.  We are so very blessed to have him with us!

A message from Father Den:

The Body of Christ and Seth Thomas

Just after I became pastor for the first time in 1973, I splurged on a grandfather clock—over the years it has provided me reliability, and comfort, like “old slippers”—not just a time piece, but almost a “family member” quality. It keeps really good time and requires hardly any maintenance. (I did use WD 40 once on it.)

Grandfather (and grandmother) clocks have been around since about 1700; most of them use Westminster Chime sound (old Big Ben in London). I’ve seen a lot more ornate clocks than mine; but I’d certainly miss the beautiful sound of my “friend” if it were no longer usable.

But, you say, what does all this have to do with Sunday’s readings? Well, today’s second reading is about the Body of Christ, one of Paul’s most famous texts, immediately before next week’s reading from Chapter 13 of Corinthians—on love—Paul’s best known writing.

Paul says the Body “has many parts.” If I take the time to check out the workings of my grandfather clock—the pendulum, the weights, the chimes, the incredible array of little gears, I can’t help appreciating how everything works together to keep me informed of the time, with the bonus of the beautiful chimes.

I feel that Paul is saying much the same thing: as Body of Christ we’re all important; we belong. We needn’t be envious of one another, or scornful of anyone, or boastful because of our importance. Like my Seth Thomas clock with all its individual parts keeping the clock running and making beautiful music, see yourself as important towards keeping the Church on track, making beautiful music for the enrichment of others.

Finally, recognize that we do belong comfortably to the Body of Christ, that there is a place for you, that we “fit in” with our gifts and talents that together help to make the Body of Christ “tick.”