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Meet Father Jayanna Kanna!

The following is an interview by Jane Schiszik, SDCCW President with Father Jayanna Kanna, Parochial Administrator at Good Shepherd Catholic Church in Rib Lake, WI.

The SDCCW (Superior Diocesan Council of Catholic Women) is getting to know the Indian Priests in our diocese and helping the priests become more familiar with the SDCCW, by interviewing the priests and posting the interviews on the SDCCW website:  http://sdccw-wisconsin.weebly.com or publishing the interview in the diocesan newsletter. 

While visiting Fr. Jayanna Kanna in his office on a peaceful Monday morning Fr. Kanna and I had the chance to exchange pleasantries and get to know one another. He was most helpful and gracious when answering my many questions.

Fr. Kanna is from the Diocese of Guntur and village of Mutlur. He explains a village is about 10,000 people with 1,500 – 2,000 of the population being Catholic. He had been working in the Diocese of Kadapa. He proudly states he has been a priest for 29 years, ordained on April 20, 1993. Fr. Kanna beams as the states, “I always enjoy what the Lord has given me.” After ordination, he worked first as an Associate Pastor and then was promoted to Parish Priest in a village that needed a church, rectory, school, and orphanage. He was able to accomplish those building projects in 6 years and was assigned to another area that needed a church and rectory, which he accomplished and then was given a third area again needing a church and rectory. He was much like St. Francis in the building of a church for our Lord. Fr. Kanna also adds he encourages vocations. During the time he was working in the Diocese of Kadapa, he sent 5 young boys to the Seminary, 2 of whom became priests.

Fr. Kanna just smiles when he asks me how old I think he is! I almost guessed his age correctly, but he then readily tells me his birthday is June 10, 1963. His father is deceased, his mother is 82, and lives with his younger brother. He is the oldest sibling. He describes his mother as very spiritual and still at age 82 is insistent about attending church. Fr. Kanna attributes the great faith of his parents, past priests, and nuns in the convent in the village for guiding him on his journey in becoming a priest. Fr. Kanna is very thankful to Mary Fitzpatrick and Fr. Rudolph Ablisser for the support they provided him for his seminary studies.

Fr. Kanna has resided in the Diocese of Superior since April 2021 and spent a short time in Merrill before coming to Rib Lake. He had been in the United States in 2003 – 2008, in Tampa, Florida, where he served as an Associate Pastor. He enjoyed the heat and humidity of Florida as it is very similar to the climate in India. In 2008, he returned to India.

Fr. Kanna is getting adjusted to our northern winter climate. This is first time he has been in this cold of a climate and is learning how to dress in layers. The parishioners in Rib Lake make sure he has the proper clothing to wear to stay warm. It is also the first time he has experienced ‘snow’ which he describes as beautiful. Driving on snow covered roads is not a problem for him – he just takes his time and drives slowly.

Fr. Kanna has now experienced all 4 seasons since coming to Wisconsin. He had never experienced seeing how the leaves change colors in the fall and described that as beautiful. Hands down – fall is Fr. Kanna’s favorite time of year.

Fr. Kanna is fond of chicken and fish, salads, and vegetables and enjoys foods more on the spicy side seasoned with chili powder and an Indian spice. He does not prefer sweets and desserts.

In his spare time, he enjoys reading, walking outdoors, photography and bird watching. He has a bird feeder positioned outside his window and enjoys watching the birds visit his bird feeder. He also loves listening to music and is so appreciative of those who provide the music and singing for Mass.

Fr. Kanna remarks how wonderful he finds the people of Rib Lake and feels blessed to be able to serve them as their Sacramental Minister. He and Fr. Patrick McConnell work hand and hand as they minister at the 4 parishes clustered together: Good Shepherd – Rib Lake, Holy Rosary – Medford, Our Lady of Perpetual Help – Whittlesey, and Sacred Heart – Stetsonville.

If you see Fr. Kanna out and about, please take the time to introduce yourself to him and get to know him. Once you meet him – you will find a most gracious man who only wants to share the love of the Lord with you!

Congratulations to our 2021 Parish Stewardship Award Winner . . .

Christine Wille!

Christine Wille 2021 Stewardship Award Recipient

Each year a stewardship award is presented to a parishioner that has gone above and beyond. The recipient we recognize today will be given the Stewardship award for 2021.  There are many exceptional volunteers at Good Shepherd, so when one is chosen, they are a true blessing to this parish family.

This person has been teaching religious education classes since about 1987. This person began as a substitute at Chelsea when the first grade teacher was unable to continue teaching, and they have been teaching ever since.  For a time this person taught second grade and prepared the students for Reconciliation and their First Holy Communion. Teaching, as all catechists know, involves not just showing up for class, but also preparing lessons in advance.  Having the younger students includes working with the Christmas plays each year. It also includes additional crafts, stories and more.  This person has even made prayer pillows for students over the years.  This person also served as Coordinator of Religious Education when Good Shepherd parish came into existence in 2005.   

But this person’s gifts go beyond catechetics.  Through the use of her financial background, she has served a number of years on the parish Finance Committee and continues to serve as parish Finance Trustee at Good Shepherd.  This individual also audited our parish finances regularly. She also serves as a Eucharistic Minister at the parish.  

She is one of the main organizers and assistants for all our parish fundraising raffles. From set up to finish, she is there.  Everything she does, is done well.

This person’s heart is always with her family. We hear she is an exceptional cake decorator. Whether it be family birthdays, weddings or anniversaries, she is the one being called on for a special cake.  (Now that the parish knows about this, she better beware!)

This person is also involved in community work. She is the treasurer of the Chelsea SWAT Snowmobile Club and has been for many years. She has also helped with many other community fundraisers.

She is friend to many, and foe to none. She is a prayerful and humble friend and neighbor among us. If you don’t see her in our pews on a weekend, you can bet she will be in the pews somewhere else.  Her witness indicates that God comes first in her life.

From all your friends and relatives at Good Shepherd, we ask God to shower you, Chris Wille, with many blessings and much goodness, for being a sister-in-faith, one that is a shining example for all of us.

Our many thanks and congratulations to our 2021 Stewardship Award winner, Christine Wille!

Watch Christmas Eve Mass on YouTube!

Christmas Eve Mass is available for viewing on You Tube! Thank you to Calvin Probst who video taped the 4:00pm Christmas Mass at Good Shepherd. What an awesome job! Please take time to view it. This video will also allow Father’s Kanna’s family in India to view the liturgy.

Message from Bishop Powers regarding gift card scams

If anyone contacts you through any form of communication (such as calls, texts or emails) claiming to be me, someone from the Diocese (Chancery Office personnel), a priest, parish employee or anyone else honestly affiliated with the Catholic Diocese of Superior asking you to send money or get gift cards of any kind, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, DO NOT RESPOND TO THEIR REQUEST.  IT IS A SCAM.    


For some time now these types of SCAMS have become more prevalent and more sophisticated in their making the request look real.  LET ME REPEAT AGAIN, NO ONE OFFICIALLY CONNECTED TO THE CATHOLIC CHURCH IN THE DIOCESE OF SUPERIOR WILL EVER CONTACT YOU IN THIS MANNER TO EITHER ASK A FAVOR OR SOLICIT FUNDS.

NOTE:  This does not say a parish can’t solicit gift cards to be used for raffle prizes etc.  However, in this case the cards should be dropped off at the parish office.  

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About Good Shepherd

Good Shepherd Church, rectory and office complex is located five miles east of Highway 13, along Highway 102 as you enter into the village of Rib Lake.  Come, and join us for Mass! If you are interested in joining the parish, call or stop in!

Our Mission . . .

The mission of Good Shepherd is to welcome all to spiritual growth through prayer, worship and ongoing formation. Together, formed in the image of Christ, the Good Shepherd, we will tend to the needs of the entire community.

Our parish is blessed to have a retired priest in residence, Father Dennis Meulemans.  Father Den served at Holy Rosary in Medford, and then retired to the Rib Lake area.  Father Den assists with Reconciliations at Christmas and Easter, with special events and even preaches every third week at the parish.  We are so very blessed to have him with us!

A message from Father Den:

The Body of Christ and Seth Thomas

Just after I became pastor for the first time in 1973, I splurged on a grandfather clock—over the years it has provided me reliability, and comfort, like “old slippers”—not just a time piece, but almost a “family member” quality. It keeps really good time and requires hardly any maintenance. (I did use WD 40 once on it.)

Grandfather (and grandmother) clocks have been around since about 1700; most of them use Westminster Chime sound (old Big Ben in London). I’ve seen a lot more ornate clocks than mine; but I’d certainly miss the beautiful sound of my “friend” if it were no longer usable.

But, you say, what does all this have to do with Sunday’s readings? Well, today’s second reading is about the Body of Christ, one of Paul’s most famous texts, immediately before next week’s reading from Chapter 13 of Corinthians—on love—Paul’s best known writing.

Paul says the Body “has many parts.” If I take the time to check out the workings of my grandfather clock—the pendulum, the weights, the chimes, the incredible array of little gears, I can’t help appreciating how everything works together to keep me informed of the time, with the bonus of the beautiful chimes.

I feel that Paul is saying much the same thing: as Body of Christ we’re all important; we belong. We needn’t be envious of one another, or scornful of anyone, or boastful because of our importance. Like my Seth Thomas clock with all its individual parts keeping the clock running and making beautiful music, see yourself as important towards keeping the Church on track, making beautiful music for the enrichment of others.

Finally, recognize that we do belong comfortably to the Body of Christ, that there is a place for you, that we “fit in” with our gifts and talents that together help to make the Body of Christ “tick.”