Liturgy Committee

This Committee includes special liturgy preparation as well as decorating of the worship space.

Members of the Liturgy Decorating Sub-Committee:

  • Joan Matyka, Chair
  • Cheryl Eisner
  • Mary Erste
  • Deb Gojmerac
  • Beverly Patrick
  • Chong Bleck
  • Luanne Yanko
  • Pearl Kauer
  • There are other members who generously give of their time and talents to assist with decorations and plant care.

Members of the Liturgy Music Sub-Committee:

  • Lori Krueger and Suzanne Murphy, Co-Chairs
  • Diane Niggemann
  • Gloria Van Hecker
  • Jerry Thieme
  • Dave Acker
  • Glenn & Mary Harder
  • Ken Thums
  • Gerald Matyka