Liturgy Committee

This Committee includes special liturgy preparation as well as decorating of the worship space.

Members of the Liturgy Committee:

  • Joan Matyka, Liturgy Committee Chairperson
  • Diane Niggemann
  • Ruth Martin
  • Lori Krueger
  • Mary Hebda
  • Malinda Kathrein
  • Pat Day
  • Gerald Matyka
  • There are other members who generously give of their time and talents to assist with decorations and plant care.

Our thanks to the Lori and Gary Krueger Family who had the new hymn board designed and built by her father-in-law.  It was donated in memory of Tudi and George Gunderson and Dawn Krueger.  We also remember Del Krueger, who made the hymn board, and has since died.  May they rest in peace.