Safe Environment

It is important that our children and youth feel secure and cared for in the faith community. Although children and youth may have prior knowledge of sexuality and personal safety issues, this curriculum more specifically lends itself to the overall comprehension of the dignity of the human person. It is critical to help our children and young people understand sexuality as a gift from God. But they also need to understand that not all people respect the dignity of others. As Church, we are committed to help keep them safe from harm.

A one-hour age-appropriate safe environment training is given to students in Faith Formation, unless parents refuse this opportunity.  This year’s Safe Environment training dates are as follows:

Grade 1:  Wed., Nov. 11, 5:45 pm

Grade 2:  Wed., Nov. 4, 5:45 pm

Grade 3:  Wed., Oct. 28, 5:45 pm

Grade 4:  Wed., Oct. 21, 5:45 pm

Grade 5:  Wed., Oct. 7, 5:45 pm

Grades 6-10:  Wed., Oct. 14, 7:00 pm

We also have  Safe Environment training for all adults and minors prior to working with our youth.  Adults are also required to have a background check prior to working with the youth.