Adult Formation

Faith formation is not just for kids!

Faith Formation is a life-long process.  We should continually grow in our faith.  We hope that this site will be helpful and be fun at the same time.  Watch for changes and new information!

The Diocese of Superior has launched a new web page to house a collection of online Catholic resources to support adult faith formation. This new website includes links to interesting and informative websites, videos, podcasts, radio programs and mobile apps as well as resources for catechists.

Check out the new web page at:


The following are a number of questions that Catholics frequently ask. Contact our staff if you have a question you would like added to the list!

Q. Does watching Mass on television fulfill my Sunday obligation?  A. TV Mass

Q. Why does the priest drop a particle of Host into the Chalice? A. Commingling

Q. How do we know when we receive the Holy Spirit?  A. Holy Spirit

Q. How do we explain “Real Presence” to children?  A. Real Presence

Q. How can someone discern what their vocation is?  A. Discernment.

Q. Can you explain the duties of a bishop?  A. Bishop Duties

Q: Can you explain the terms and objects used by bishops?  A. Bishop Attire

Q:  How big of an area does our Diocese of Superior cover?  A. Map of WI  (Note: Our diocese is shown in orange.)

Q:  How can I avoid temptation?  A. Temptation

Q:  What is holy water and how do I explain the reason that it is placed at the entrances of churches to my non-Catholic friends?  A.  Holy Water

Q:  The Feast of Christ the King is celebrated the last Sunday on the liturgical calendar.  This year, it falls on Sunday, November 22. What is the purpose of this feast?  A.  Feast of Christ the King.

Q:  Christmas just seems so commercialized. How can I help myself and my family to maintain the true meaning of Christmas in our homes and hearts?  A.  Christmas Preparations.

Q:  We see more and more cremations in church. Is this acceptable in the Catholic faith?    A:  Cremation.

Q:  Pope Francis has declared this a Jubilee Year of Mercy. What does this mean?  A.  Year of Mercy.

Q: What significance does the Advent season have?  A. Advent