Parents are urged to have their child baptized as soon as possible. If this is your first child, call the office at (715) 427-5259 for an appointment to meet with the pastor.

Why is the Sacrament of Baptism so important?

Baptism makes us a child of God.  God claims us through this sacrament, by placing an indelible mark upon our soul.  Baptism washes away the original sin we receive from Adam and Eve.  We become a member of the Catholic faith community when baptized.

Parent Responsibilities–

Parents have the responsibility of raising the child in the faith. Their witness of faith is valuable.  Daily prayer and witness of love, along with weekly attendance at Mass is key to a healthy spiritual life for children.

Godparent/Sponsor Responsibilities–

In the event that parents are unable to fulfill their duties in raising the child in the Catholic faith, it is the obligation of the godparents to do so.  Godparents should remain a part of the child’s life as they are growing.  Their witness, along with the parents, is valuable for the child’s upbringing.

Selecting Godparents–

At least one of the sponsors for the child needs to be a practicing Catholic.  They should be attending Mass each week, and also be confirmed.  Parents should prayerfully select sponsors that they know will be supportive of the child and encourage them to grow in their faith.

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