First Communions at Good Shepherd

dante, ryan and father otto image

Welcome to the Lord’s table!  Dante Axon (left) and Ryan Buehler (right) have completed the RCIC program!  They have made their first Reconciliation December 2, and received their first Holy Communion December 12, 2015 at Good Shepherd.  They are both currently enrolled in Grade 5 classes in Faith Formation.

May every step you take into the future, be a journey with the Lord!  God bless you.




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Christmas Gift of Love Tree

What is the Gift of Love Tree? For the last several years Good Shepherd has a special tree set up in the shrine area of our church at Christmas. Anyone is able to purchase paper ornaments we have to decorate the tree. The names of your living and deceased friends and relatives will be listed on the ornaments. These ornaments are special, because those named on the ornaments (including yourself–who is named on the back of the ornament), will be prayed for at all of our Christmas Masses. What a true Gift of Love!

How does one purchase these ornaments? Click on the link below to access the form. Clearly print the names of those you want on the ornaments. For example: “Sally Doe” or “Sally & John Doe” or “The John & Sally Doe Family.” Space is limited on the ornaments, so no more than a couple names will work per ornament. Your cost is $2 per ornament. Your name should be listed on the bottom of the form so we know who purchased the ornaments. We will include your name(s) on the backside of the ornaments. Use an extra sheet of plain paper for additional names, if needed. When the tree is taken down in January, you will be able to pick up your ornaments any time that month at the parish office, if you want to keep them.

Please return your forms to the parish office before December 20th. Call the office if you have questions, 715-427-5259.

Gift of Love Form

Learning the Rosary

Grade 5 students are focusing on the Rosary this year.  They are learning the history of this special prayer, and how the mysteries of the Rosary tell stories from Scripture. Students made their own Rosaries and are now learning how to pray using these blessed beads.

grade 5 making rosaries image

Pictured, Back Row: Connor Higgins, Nathan Nikkila, Dante Axon; Front Row: Aaron Matyka, Ryan Buehler & Tanner Vlach

Grade 6 Service Project

Bringing Smiles to Residents

Grade 6 students recently made a beautifully decorated fall tree poster. This poster was signed by all the students in Faith Formation. It now hangs in the dining room area at the Golden Living Center in Rib Lake. It was meant to bring them cheer during this season of Fall.

grade 6 fall tree service project image

Pictured l to r: Tatum Higgins, Molly Heiser, Jordan Yanko, Sam Gumz, Jacob Matyka, Tia Bube, Hannah Schuh.



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Welcoming Through Baptism


Welcome to Good Shepherd…

Dante Raymond James Axon, child of Becky and Chris Hebda.

Dante-Axon image

“I got baptized because God wanted me to be with him, and I wanted to be with him.  I liked that my family and friends came to it. I feel very excited because I got baptized.  I love God.”





We also welcome to Good Shepherd…

Ryan Stewart Buehler, child of Nicole and Jody Scheller.

Ryan Buehler image

“What it meant for me to be baptized was that all of my sins were taken away because God forgave me. It also feels like I am closer to God after being baptized. One thing that was cool about being baptized was that one of the oils smelled really good!”