Work of Mercy – Youth Bake Sale


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On April 3, 2016 the Faith Formation students, their parents, and the catechists held a parish bake sale after Mass, to help raise money for Rita Fuchs.  Rita is one of our parishioners who has cancer.  The drugs they intend to use are not covered by her health insurance.

In this Year of Mercy, the youth agreed to take this on as a Work of Mercy.  They learned the importance of helping those with special needs.  Our thanks to all the students, parents and catechists who baked.  Our thanks also to all who came and bought baked items, and contributed so generously to this cause!


Year of Mercy Youth Events

Our youth are joining in the excitement of the Year of Mercy proclaimed by Pope Francis.

Grade 6 students are doing a year-long project.  Each student has a cross.  They are asked to do Works of Mercy, helping people over and above what they would normally do.  Each week they do, they can glue a penny (or any item) on their crosses, front and back.

image of grade 6 with crosses of good works

Grade 5 students received Year of Mercy t-shirts from their catechist.  Wearing these shirts is a witness to their faith.

image of 5th graders in year of mercy t-shirts

image of back of tshirt

Grade 4 students took on a church project when they noticed that some people had put wads of gum under the pews.  With plastics gloves, they took the time to clean it all off.  “We hope people will know how yucky this was.  Please help keep our church clean and beautiful.”

image of kids cleaning under church pews