2015 Stewardship Award

Congratulations to Good Shepherd’s 2015 Stewardship Award Winner!

This year’s stewardship award is presented to Judy Cihasky. Judy is one of those behind-the-scenes persons who helps in so many ways.

Judy has been one of the collection counters from way back to at least the 1970’s, and continues doing it today, along with processing our CSA collections. Judy was also in charge of decorations and plant care for a number of years.  She now continues to work diligently on the decorating committee.

Judy is the chairperson of the Shepherd Knitters and besides making prayer shawls, has made prayer beads and book marks for the sick and those who need cheering up.  She has also made other special blankets and gifts for people.

Judy also helps with funeral luncheons at times, and often jumps in to help with clean up of socials.  You will also see her on Sundays as a Mass counter and usher/greeter.

What is so special about Judy is the humble attitude about all she does. She is there to build up and encourage all those she works beside in her ministries, and expects nothing in return for all she does.

Our thanks to you, Judy, for all you do! We are pleased to see you receive this award!



Judy (right) visiting with a parishioner and friend, Dorothy Scharer at Country Gardens.