4th Graders Learn About the Beatitudes!

The beatitudes are some of the most recited verses from the Bible. This is because they carry a good message that serves as a model for living a humble life and describe the rewards that will come from doing so.

Grade 4 Beatitudes Booklets

Each of the following 4th grade students created a booklet that tells us what the beatitudes mean to them. Click on the links to view their booklets!

Good Shepherd grade 4 group photo for Beatitudes booklet project
From left to right: Will, Amber (catechist), Michael, Ruby, Abby, Siara and Megan

Abby’s Beatitude Booklet

Megan’s Beatitudes Booklet

Michael’s Beatitudes Booklet

Ruby’s Beatitudes Booklet

Siara’s Beatitudes Booklet

Will’s Beatitudes Booklet