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Church Location:  513 State Rd., Rib Lake, WI  54470

(Located along Highway 102 on the west end of the Village of Rib Lake.)

Church Mailing Address:  PO Box 295, Rib Lake, WI  54470

Phone:  715.427.5259


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  1. My grandparents lived in Westboro WI in the 1940’s and 50’s. At that time they fostered several Native American children. One of them was named “Little Brown Bear”-at least that is the name indicated on the back of the photo. When I did a search for that name, your church site popped up with something listing the name of Brown Bear but when I went to your website it didnt display it. I was just wondering if there was someone in your congregation by that name that was fostered at that time. I have several childhood photos and if this person is known to you, I would like for him to have them. I have no other interest-unless he would like to contact me regarding the family, although most of them are gone now. If this is the same individual but they are hesitant to be contacted, I will fully understand-if that is the case we can use your church as a go between, if that is alright with you. Best regards-have a blessed, prosperous new year. Susie Sherfield

    • Hi Susie. I contacted a Duane Sherfield in Medford, WI. His name was given me by one of our local parishioners from the Westboro area that went to school with Patti Sherfield. Duane said he is about a 4th cousin to you. His parents are deceased and he says he remembers hearing that your grandparents did have NA foster children. But apparently they have no idea what happened to them. By chance, I will check the sacramental records and the old files from Westboro Church to see if I can find any info; however, I doubt if that would be any help in locating them at this time. I will take a look this week yet. If you do not hear from me, you know I did not turn anything up. Mary Kauer, Parish Secretary

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